We’re part of your team

Mollison Communications is Australia's leading arts and live entertainment marketing and publicity consultancy because we have fantastic people.
  We stand apart as we have 20 years of experience in the industry, we have great ideas, and we never give up in our mission to maximise ticket sales for our clients.
  Established in 1989, Mollison Communications has
offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We have a wide variety of clients across the entertainment industry, including government funded arts organisations, commercial entertainment producers, attractions
and venues.

Mollison Communications provides a complete range of marketing services which is both strategic and operational.

• Marketing
• Strategy
• Advertising
• Promotions
• Publicity
• Graphic Design
• Web Design
We often act in lieu of an in-house marketing department
and position ourselves as an integral part of our client's team.
Our staff all have a genuine commitment to the entertainment
industry and take great pride in delivering a level of expertise,
dedication, determination and experience that can be found
nowhere else.
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